Friendly & Experienced Staff

Here at Daily Dog Digs all of our staff are carefully selected and have experience of owning or working with a range of dogs. In particular they have a strong love of dogs and a desire to help your dog get the most out of it's visit. They are always happy to tell you about the highlights of your special friends visit when you come to collect them.

Long Opening Hours

By opening from 7:30 in the morning and closing at 6:30 at night we enable most customers to fit dropping their dogs off and collecting them within their working day.

Heated Indoor Play Rooms

We have three indoor heated playrooms each with soft flooring and play equipment to keep you dog occupied. Having three playrooms enables us to mix and match dogs according to their size, temperament and energy levels.

Large Outdoor Play Area

Our large grassy garden area is ideal for dogs to play in. It has open areas for dogs to sun themselves and plenty of shade under the trees in the wooded areas for hot days. The garden is covered with ground protection mesh which makes usable for most of the year. We have a newly built shelter so that our doggy visitors can take themselves off to one of our beds if they want a rest.

Puppy Socialisation

Vets and behaviourists strongly recommend that puppies should meet as many other dogs during their formative months as possible. This is where we can help with our dedicated puppy play area close to our reception. This enables us to keep a special eye on small puppies and gradually introduce them to a range on new friends. The area has plenty of toys and comfy beds for when it is time for a nap.

Onsite Shop

Our onsite shop can provide all the basics that you need for you dog. This includes a range of leads and collars, toys, treats and food. In particular we stock Natural Instinct frozen biologically appropriate raw food in a range of varieties. We also stock quality brands of dry food such as Burns and Arden Grange. If your dog has particular requirements please enquire and we will get in what he or she needs.

Dog Holidays – Over Night and Weekend Stays

We can look after your dog while you are away with one of our Dog Holiday Packages. With one of these your dog will be with us at the Day Care Centre during the day Monday to Friday and will spend his or her evenings with one of our small handpicked team of carers who will provide them with a home from home experience in their house. Please note that early booking is essential and this service is only available to regular users of the centre.

Fully Licenced

We are fully inspected and licenced under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.