Frequently asked questions

All owners must fill in and sign one of our registration forms before their dog can stay with us. This provides us with information about the health and wellbeing of your special friend along with details of who authorised collectors are.
We run an online reservation system. New owners will be given a link to this on their dogs first visit.
We know that coming to doggy day care for the first time can feel strange to some dogs. This is why we always introduce new dogs in a gradual way. First introducing them to one or two dogs with a similar temperament and gradually increasing the number of new doggy friends over time. Generally new dogs quickly settle in and go home shattered after a good play with their friends.
We pride ourselves on getting to know our doggy visitors and what they like doing during their visits and any special friends that they particularly like playing with. This helps us to tailor your dogs visit to its preferences.
By providing our large garden and four dedicated indoor play areas we aim to divide our visitors up depending on factors such as energy levels, size and temperament. We use our spaces in a dynamic way and monitor our visitors interactions with other dogs and move them around if we feel they need a quieter space or need to burn off a bit more energy.
You can bring your dog along as soon as it is fully vaccinated and your vet has said it can mix with other dogs. For small puppies we have a large dedicated Play Area where they can play with other similar dogs. We also use this area for resting puppies so that they can have a nice sleep on one of our comfy beds before starting playing again.
All of our visitors need to have up to date vaccinations and we need to see proof that this has been done. We also strongly recommend that all dogs have a kennel cough vaccination. We also need to see their vaccination card every time they have their boosters.
We accept 'entire' dogs and bitches. However it is the owners responsibility to keep their bitches away from daycare if they are or they think they are coming into season. With male dogs we judge each one according to its behaviour around other dogs. Your entire male may show signs of dominance or high sexual interest around other dogs. As a rule of thumb this is most likely to happen when the dog becomes a 'teenager' at around 8 to 12 months. If this happens we will ask for It to be excluded until it has been either permanently surgically castrated or temporally chemically castrated.
If your puppy needs to be fed at a specific time of day that is no problem. Just provide us with his or her food and we will do the rest. We also feed older dogs who are used to having a midday meal.
Unfortunately because of the complexity of our system with its eight different cameras it is not currently possible to view it remotely. At some stage we plan to upgrade our system so that remote viewing is possible.
We have very limited capacity to occassionally provide homestays overnight and weekends. This is restricted to dogs who visit regularly and we know well. Please enquire in good time if you are interested in discussing this service. We pride ourselves on providing a home from home experience for your dog at time it is not here with us at the centre.
Unfortunately we are unable to provide this service but open for long hours to give owners the maximum opportunity to get their dogs to us and collect them. However, if you are stuck for transport we have strong links with two pet taxi services who between them cover the Horsham Crawley area. Please ask for their contact details.
Although in practice we accept all breeds, experience has shown that there are some breeds which are overstimulated in the daycare environment. This includes bully breeds, herding breeds (such as collies) and some miniature types. However, unlike some daycare centres, we judge every dog on its merit and provide its owner with honest feedback about its suitability to attend daycare centres.
Unfortunately our planning permission is only for Monday to Friday opening so we are unable to open at weekends. We also close for every Bank Holiday and for the days between Christmas and the New Year.