A huge thanks to Mick and the team for looking after our little Lola. It was her first time stayng somewhere different and she was nervous. But after 2 weeks weve seen the difference in our little girl who has grown in confidence immensely. Thank you DDD

Rose Fehilly

All the staff are so lovely and so caring. All the dogs that go there are cared for to such a high standard and treated with so much love.

Natalie McMillan 2019-03-19

5 Stars - Thanks to Mick and Thalia for their help in selecting a springer resistant figure of eight lead and waterproof bed for Solo. We recommend you guys to everyone we meet on our walks and don't know what we'd do without you! x

Sarah Bussley 2018-11-12

Our dog Nico just loves going to DDD.  Mick and his awesome team are so helpful and friendly and genuine.  The premises is great and Nico comes home completely shattered from having such a fun filled day.   I honestly could not recommend DDD highly enough.

Loo O'Pray 2018-08-07

Five Stars - Mick, Thalia and the rest of the team were a dream to find when we moved  to the area with our puppy Angie. They are just nice people, and they  show Angie so much love, I know she loves it there becsuse she is  jumping out of the car as soon as we pull up on the driveway. I often  hang around to have a chat with the team because they are good company,  so I trust that they are good company for the pup too. Also having safe,  monitored and big spaces for her to socialise in has been really good  for her overall behaviour and development. Long live Daily Dog Digs, you guys are so awesome. Amy and Henry.

Amy Pryce 2018-07-23

Five Stars Finding a doggy day care in this area is relatively easy. But finding  somewhere you trust, and know that the staff will give your dog as much  love and attention as you do, is almost impossible. Daily Dog Digs  offers all of this and more. At just 12 weeks old Rocco has his first  day, the staff were so accommodating and kept me updated on how his day  was going! My mind was totally at rest! I knew there and then this was  the place for him! Rocco walks in bold as brass, excited to see what the  day brings, and at the end of the day I end up dragging him across the  gravel in the car park to go home (against his will)! � I never worry  about him, and it makes life so much more enjoyable knowing I can go to  work and know that he is having a great time! Can’t recommend highly  enough!! � Thank you Daily Dog Digs!

Annabelle Crossman

Five Stars. We are so glad we found Daily Dog Digs for our little Monty, we were really struggling to emotionally and physically cope with alternating working from home days and entertaining/training a little puppy, especially as he never seemed to tire.
It has been so handy having somewhere he can be all day, knowing hes being looked after well, socialising and having lots of fun, whilst we can both go into work. He even now does a little dance and series of squeaks when he realises the cars pulling into Daily Dogs Digs!
Its also lovely when he comes back he eats dinner then happily collapses in his bed all night, and remains calm and sleepy until the following evening. I didnt think it was possible!
Thank you so much team, its such an important service you provide.

Hana Stott 2018-05-25

5 Stars - Cromwell & Wispa LOVE Daily Dog Digs and all the fabulous team there.  They can’t wait to get out of the car when we arrive and they come home totally shattered and happy every time! Thanks to Mick and the team for taking such great care of our ‘kids’

Claire Stallard 2018-05-17

Image result for 5 star symbol"Take my dog there regularly. He has a great time. Staff are friendly and helpful."

Jamie Ferguson 2018-04-18

Our dog Ripley has been going here for the last couple of years and she absolutely loves it.

Lovely staff who clearly know their stuff.

Ripley comes home happy every Friday or on any other occasion when I need doggie day care at short notice. Best thing is they always have room for your dog so if we need last minute dog sitting we can take her and know she’ll have a great time and be looked after at Daily Dog Digs.

Ginger Rookes 2018-04-09
Claire Stoner and Bella Boo 2018-03-23

Dexter loves going to Doodley Dogs for the day. He always comes home so happy and nicely tired out :)

Jo Loft 2013-10-19

Baxter absolutely loves Doodley Dogs.

As soon as we arrive his tail is wagging and he has so much fun. He always comes home tired out!

Sara Hemsley 2017-03-31

My dog loves this place and always comes home shattered! Lovely friendly staff that are always flexible and happy to help! Highly recommend.

Hannah Wiltshire 2017-01-17

Doodley Dogs has been an amazing opportunity for both of my dogs. My little Jack Russell X Chiuhauha who is nervous of other dogs has developed such confidence and personality through being here. Also my 5 month old Working Cocker Spaniel pup has learnt all is socialization skills through being at Doodley Dogs. He has learnt to become such a well mannered (not too playful) pup! Highly recommended.

Aimee Ledger 2017-01-10

Fizz is very happy at Doodley Dogs and especially likes all the cuddles and playing in the garden. My daughter likes the Facebook page because she lives abroad but gets to see what Fizz is up to!

Helen Miller 2017-03-22

Thank you Doodley Dogs!! I know that Jango is safe and gets plenty of exercise. He’s a happy bunny when he gets home. It’s very convenient not having to book and to be able to drop off and pick up at any time. Mike and his staff are great!

Jessie Alfonso 2017-01-19

My mastiff cross has been to Doodleys a few times now. I find all the staff very helpful and friendly. My Buffy loves coming to Doodleys and is always knackered after a day there! Will use again.

Amber Mary Cameron 2017-05-08

We have taken Bella to doodles dogs since she was 16wks old and she loves it . She is a very energetic Freuchie so twice a week she goes and plays with her friends and gets rid of some energy, probably terrorises all the others for 5hrs. We then have some more time to get things done at home knowing she is safe and playing. Doodleys is a life line and great value for money. Thank you Mick and your team, your all brilliant. Clare, kay and Bella boo

Clare Stoner 2017-01-22

Our dog Buster attends here regularly- he is a rescue dog whom we have had since He was 6 months and is now 2. He has separation anxiety and when we got him he was not well socialised, with help from doodley dogs he has flourished, he still can't be left but now I wonder if it's because he's worried we're going to see all his doggy friends without him! He's always excited to go in, tail wagging :) and he's happy for a cuddle and a good nap of an evening after playing with his friends.

Caroline White 2017-01-17

Doodley Dogs has been a life saver for me and my family. I can drop Molly(my dog) off whenever I want and Molly can stay as long as she wants. 

Mick and his staff are amazing..they have plenty of experience with dogs including dogs that may have behavioural problems. all the dogs that go there are always so happy and safe,even better they are shattered when they get home!.

Georgina Mercer 2017-01-17

Murphy has been coming to DoodleyDogs for five months and he loves it! He always jumps out the car and runs to the shop, if you don't open the door fast enough he even whines! All the staff are fabulous and take excellent care of Murph while I'm at work, and as a bonus he's exhausted when he gets home and sleeps off his fun day! So glad I found DoodleyDogs!

Charlotte Smith 2017-02-22

Bailey has been going to Doodley Dogs in Rusper since he was18 weeks; now 15 months, the way he drags me from the car to the shop tells me how much he enjoys being there. The outside area for the dogs to play in is a real bonus and the onsite shop allows for emergency treat purchases!

He clearly adores Mick and all his team and we have the security of knowing that Bailey is safe, socialised and getting exercise whilst we're at work. I was so impressed when, on picking him up one evening, one of the team voiced
concerned that he hadn't seemed his normal manic self that day - because they get to know the dogs she realised that he wasn't feeling himself before any other symptoms showed.

Keep up the good work - happy owners Jane and Paul

Jane Anderson 2017-02-01

Our German shepherd, Koda, has been going to Doodley's since the new year when he was 5 months old and he goes 3/4 times a month. Not only has it been great socialisation for him but it's so lovely for me to know he's being taken such good care of on the days I'm not able to be at home with him. He literally cannot wait to get out of the car when we pull in the drive and he always comes home happy and tired after a day full of playing with his fur buddies. Thanks to the whole team for taking such good care of our boy!

Holly Barton-Brown 2017-07-05