Summer Holiday Offer for New Dogs

At a loss knowing what to do with your dog when having days out this summer?

During July and August we are running a special deal for each new dog that registers. We are giving £10 off each of the dogs first three day care visits.

That represents a £30 saving.

(Note the visits must be taken before 31/8/21)

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Worried about leaving your dog while you are away at work or going into town?

Will they be full of energy when you come home tired after a long day?

When working from home does your dog look at you lovingly craving the attention that you can’t give it?

Under stimulated dogs can bark excessively, disturb your neighbours, become destructive or just plain bored when left alone.

Here at Daily Dog Digs we ensure that your dog gets plenty of stimulation with other well balanced dogs before going home happy and tired.


Our experienced staff pride themselves on giving your dog a fun and stimulating play day.

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